Strive Health Services Caters to Clients with Convenient Healthcare


Strive Health Services is the wave of the future for healthcare, providing physiotherapy and a full complement of medical services all under one roof. The medical clinic in Kirwan provides patients with an array of services that makes obtaining treatment easy and convenient.


The focus at Strive Health Services is always the patient and the practice provides client accommodations designed for convenience, ensuring that all patients have access to medical and physiotherapy services when they need it. Convenient options include:

  • The ability to schedule appointments online or with the clinic’s app for mobile devices allowing patients to book a visit any time and from any location.
  • Same day appointments are available.
  • Wait times are short.
  • Client satisfaction is personally guaranteed.


The clinic provides clients with treatment for immediate injuries and chronic conditions, along with ailments and injuries that have lingering effects. Treatment and management plans are tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual and adjusted as needed to reflect changes in health, progress and lifestyle. Patients have access to an extensive network of specialists through the clinic.


State-of-the-art medical equipment is available to assess, monitor and treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. The clinic offers weight management, exercise programs and the services of a trained dietitian, along with prompt appointments for sick children and a complete array of vaccinations to prevent illnesses.


Health checks for men and women are specially designed to address issues of particular importance to patients of each gender. Visits to patients’ homes and nursing homes are available, along with palliative care services.


Physiotherapy services encompass a variety of hands-on techniques that treat the underlying cause of conditions and alleviate pain. Present and past injuries, chronic conditions and therapies for rehabilitation are available to meet the changing and evolving needs of clients.


A variety of physiotherapy options are available that can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. Clinical Pilates classes, manual manipulation therapies and dry needling are all provided to arrive at the best patient outcomes. Sports medicine solutions are available for athletes and the clinic provides dance and performing arts assessments for a whole health solution for every patient.

For more information, call 07 4773 6133 or visit Strive Health online.