Clinical Pilates Provides Preventative Injury Techniques


Clinical Pilates at Aushealth Physiotherapy enhances sports performance, rehabilitates injuries, addresses pain and treats conditions associated with chronic illnesses. Pilates Brookvale aids in preventing injuries before they occur and is a specialized form of physiotherapy that’s even safe for pregnant women.

The practice maintains a fully featured Pilates studio that utilizes advanced assessment technology and hands-on instruction conducted by an experienced physiotherapist. Each client receives a customized treatment, management and rehabilitation programme based on their individual needs and level of ability. Clinicians treat the underlying cause of dysfunction and not just the symptoms.

Clinical Pilates focuses on the core and pelvic floor for greater balance, stability and strength. The technique encompasses a variety of movements that are specially designed to increase range of motion, enhance sports performance, and maintain flexibility. It’s effective for improving posture problems and resulting dysfunction.

Individuals learn how to breathe and move more efficiently. Sessions aid patients in increasing muscle tone, firmness and strength while significantly improving coordination. Clinical Pilates relieves pain and is an essential element for rehabilitation following injuries and surgical procedures.

Clinical Pilates provides clients with a greater awareness of where their body is in relation to the world around them to help in preventing injuries and accidents. It’s an effective treatment for older individuals, along with adolescents who are experiencing rapid growth.

The therapeutic method aids in treating current injuries and previous problems that may have lingering effects. Professional athletes and those in the performing arts around the world are utilizing clinical Pilates as part of their elite training programmes to build strength, endurance and improve performance.

The controlled movements of clinical Pilates are especially beneficial for individuals with chronic disease that includes fibromyalgia, arthritis and conditions affecting the nerves and spine. It addresses pain and discomfort issues common in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

Clinical Pilates provides exercises specific to the patient. It’s appropriate for preventing and treating overuse injuries, chronic disease and for rehabilitation. It increases balance and stability, and offers the means to strengthen potential problem areas to prevent injuries before they occur.

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